Jorge de Saldanha Gonçalves Matos

Full Professor

Domain of activity:

  • Hydraulic Structures;
  • Fluid Mechanics;
  • Environmental Hydraulics.

Present research topics:

  • Air-water flows;
  • Non-conventional spillways (e.g., stepped and PKW spillways);
  • Energy dissipation;
  • Experimental and numerical modelling in hydraulic structures;
  • Re-aeration in hydraulic structures and drainage systems.


  • Instituto Superior Técnico


  • DECivil

Research Group

  • Hydraulics


Sousa, D.M.; Abrantes, M.R.; Fernandes, E.C.; Falcão de Campos, J.A.C.; Matos, J.S.; Montemor, M.F. (2016) Managing students with different backgrounds within the same Master program. Guimarães: pp 349-355.
Jorge de Saldanha Gonçalves Matos
Chanson, H.; Bung, D.; Matos, J. (2015) . In: H. CHANSON (Ed.) "Stepped spillways and cascades." in "Energy Dissipation in Hydraulic Structures", IAHR Monograph. In: H. CHANSON (Eds). Leiden, The Netherlands: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group.
Jorge de Saldanha Gonçalves Matos
Frizell, K.W.; Svoboda, C.; Matos, J. (2016) Performance of Type III stilling basins for stepped spillways. Ft. Collins:
Jorge de Saldanha Gonçalves Matos
Neves, D.; Pires Silva, A.; Fortes, C.J.; Matos, J. (2016) A comparison of wave breaking with RANS and SPH numerical models. Rhodes:
Jorge de Saldanha Gonçalves Matos
Valero, D.; Bung, D.B.; Crookston, B.; Matos, J. (2016) Numerical investigation of USBR type III stilling basin performance downstream of smooth and stepped spillways. In: Crookston, B.; Tullis, B. (Eds). Portland: pp 652-663.
Jorge de Saldanha Gonçalves Matos