Filipe Alexandre da Silva Romão


My name is Filipe Romão, I am biologist with a master’s degree in the field of natural resources management and I am now a Phd Student in FLUVIO - River Restoration and Management doctoral program. I have developed strong interests for the issues regarding natural resources management, in specific the ones regarding the integrity and biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems.

I have participated in scientific activities both in the field and laboratory. As for good achievement of my studies, I always was assigned as the team leader. My role as a leader was to set good example, enhance communication between team members and ensure the project success. My professional activity as continuously stood in the field of aquatic biology and ecology of riverine systems, precisely with the management and conservation of freshwater fish.

I started my research in the MARE-Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre with the study of the swimming behavior of endemic potamodromous species. I participated in experimental study, in which I used electromyogram telemetry to assess the behavior of the Iberian barbel in a pool-type fishway. I also worked in the National Water Institute (INAG, I.P.) for a period of two years and three months as a biologist. My work in this institute was primarily related with implementation of the Water Framework Directive, in particular the Intercalibration Exercise. Having to work with several aquatic biological elements, as phytoplankton, aquatic invertebrates, diatoms and macrophytes, gave me precious experience of the river dynamics and integrity.

Besides this, I collaborated with the European eel Management Plan, the Monitoring Program of the Fishway in Coimbra’s Bridge-Weir, and furthermore a practical guide to establish environmental flows for Portuguese Rivers.  The working experience I have acquired provided me with a deeper realization of being competent in various spheres, of the ecological research of riverine systems. My aim is to dig deeper and evolve my knowledge in this area so I can support environmental decision making to restore fluvial ecosystems with solid and effective arguments.

My strong aspiration is to become a highly qualified researcher of international level.    


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