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Cristina Matos Silva

Assistant Professor

Domain of activity:
Green roofs and green walls:

  1. Economic evaluation: retrofit in new/ existing buildings and rehabilitation of urban centres;
  2. Green roofs and green walls as part of the Nature-Based Solutions/Green Infrastructure of urban centers;
  3. Technical evaluation for different types of buildings;
  4. Inspections, anomalies and maintenance plans;
  5. Products development and optimization;
  6. Contribution for water management;
  7. Thermal evaluation in Mediterranean climate and energy savings when compared to traditional solutions;
  8. Coupling rainwater collection with green roofs - feasibility of collecting the runoff from the roof for various uses in and around a building.
Rainwater harvesting systems:
  1. Technical evaluation for different types of buildings;
  2. Water savings at different scales (e.g., building, parish, city);
  3. Retrofit in buildings and urban centres.


  • Instituto Superior Técnico


  • DECivil