Deartamento de Engenharia Civil, IST
1049-001 Lisboa - Portugal

Vítor Filipe Silva Antunes

Activity domain:

  • Bituminous mixtures design and technologies;
  • Eco-efficient pavement solutions;
  • Road pavement and material characterization, modelling and maintenance;
  • Laboratory characterization of pavement materials;
  • Performance assessment of pavement structures;
Present research topics:
  • Reclaimed asphalt pavement recycling in bituminous mixtures (RAP mixtures);
  • Multi-recycling capacity of RAP mixtures;
  • Rejuvenations and ageing effects;
  • Development and optimization of eco-efficient solutions for paving industry;
  • Bitumen rheology analysis;
  • Laboratory ageing protocol validation;
  • Assessment of ageing effects on reflective characteristics of bituminous mixture surface. 


  • Instituto Superior Técnico


  • DECivil

Research Group

  • Transportation Systems