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Instituto Superior Técnico - DECivil Avenida Rovisco Pais, 1
1049-001 Lisboa - Portugal

Jónatas Miguel de Almeida Valença


My research interests lie in Smart Structural Health Monitoring and Characterization; and Conservation of Structures and Built Heritage. In this scope, I have been developed tools based on computer vision (also applying machine and deep learning), and including processing hyper and multispectral images.
Domain of activity: Structural Health Monitoring
Research topics:
  • Automatic Inspection of Structures
  • Smart Structural Monitoring
  • Conservation of Concrete Heritage
  • Computer Vision
  • Photogrammetry
  • Image Processing and Correlation
  • Multi and Hyper-spectral Image Analysis  


  • Instituto Superior Técnico


  • DECivil

Research Group

  • Structures and Geotechnics