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Doctoral Programs

CERIS researchers are presently engaged in PhDcourses leading to nine Doctoral degrees. Students and their supervisors can either select structured, thematic PhD programs or select a combination of PhD-level subjects offered by IST or any other school of UL, or by other universities under protocolled agreements.
The doctoral degrees and the structured PhD programs CERIS, listed above,includes information on coordination and funding, mostly allocated to doctoral grants. Four PhD programs are offered under international protocols and three under national consortia. One PhDprogram is IST-interdepartmental and another is jointly promoted by schools of UL.

Doctoral degree

Structured PhD programs


Transportation Systems (1)

Transportation Systems (1,2) 

Portugal-MIT initiative

Territorial Engineering (1)

River Restoration and Management (1)

River Restoration and Management (1,3)

Involves 4 UL schools

Environment Engineering

Involves 4 IST departments


Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies (1)

Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies (1,2)

Consortium of 3 universities (involving 7 schools)

Civil Engineering (1)

Eco-Construction and Rehabilitation(1,2)
Analysis and Mitigation of Risks in Infrastructures(1,2)
Environmental Hydraulics and Hydrology(1,2)

Consortium of 5 universities and LNEC.
Consortium of 4 universities and LNEC
IST-EPFL initiative and LNEC.


IST-EPFL initiative

(1) Coordinated by CERIS members; (2) Funding until 2021;(3) Funding until 2020.


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